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As a clinical psychologist working with a diverse population (couples, individual adults, adolescents and children) and different backgrounds (ethnicities, language and culture) I have found my preliminary exploration and application of the 2L-Model (2L: Link and Law) to be highly useful and relevant when formulating a diagnosis and a treatment plan for my patients.

The 2L concepts and its 2L-Matrix, while firmly grounded in classical psychoanalysis and contemporary psychology, introduces a new language and paradigm within which specific concepts such as, among many other concepts elaborated in the 2L Theory, an individual’s needs and desires may be understood and analyzed through a survival* or growth (minded)** lens. My clinical interventions and approach have greatly benefited from the 2L conceptual framework when I have integrated and adopted it in my practice.

* Specific 2L word: In French "Survie"
** Specific 2L word: In French "Croissance"

Simone Perez

PhD, Clinical Psychologist, private practice (San Francisco).

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